Lifestyle Express pulls out the stops to support its retailers

Lifestyle Express is celebrating the first birthday of its Lifestyle Learning Academy online training platform with the addition of three new modules to further support retailers.

With one in five symbol group retailers admitting that they don’t carry out induction training for their new staff and one in three saying that training poses a challenge for their business, Lifestyle Express partnered with Bolt Learning last year to support its retailers with invaluable training resources.

Since its launch, more than 800 individual training modules have been issued and more than 200 trainees are currently engaged with modules.

To celebrate its first year, Lifestyle Express has launched three new training modules alongside the original modules which covered age-related sales, basic health and safety, wine selling, customer service and the importance of Core Range.

The latest modules, now live on the Academy, include:

1. Active Selling

This module covers the importance of upselling, which products to upsell and how to do it to help to raise staff’s confidence in doing so.

2. Food Safety Level 1

This module covers the basics of hygiene when working with food. It helps retailers and staff identify risks and put procedures in place to minimise those risks and understand their responsibilities.

3. Food Safety Level 2

This module builds on the basics of Level 1 but will further enable users to hygienically store, prepare, cook and work with food. This module is particularly suitable for retailers and staff in stores that either have food to go counters or are considering adding one in the future.

Retailers can also use the learning platform to allocate and track staff training and progress using an online filing cabinet to record which training sections have been completed and prove compliance.

“The first year of Lifestyle Learning Academy has been a huge success,” said Stuart Johnson, Retail Controller. “We always promised that further modules would be added further on down the line, and we’re delighted to fulfil that promise with the launch of these new components.

“People are the greatest assets that our stores have. The Lifestyle Learning Academy allows all of our retailers and their staff to access a range of essential training modules which will enable them to help maintain compliance and grow sales. We know that retailers struggle to find the time to train their staff and online training tackles all those issues. The bite-sized modules fun to complete and will enable retailers to serve the needs of our customers even better.

“We’ve had great feedback from our retailers who have embraced the training platforms over the past year and have already seen a huge increase in their staff’s confidence as a result.”

“Lifestyle Express have been the first symbol group to embark on digital training, proving that they really are ahead of the times when it comes to supporting their retailers,” said Sandy MacEwen from Bolt Learning. “This market has become tougher and tougher over the last twelve months, and all retailers will surely know the importance of providing top-notch customer service when it comes to standing out against your competitors.

“It’s fantastic to see that Lifestyle Express retailers recognise the importance of training their retailers when it comes to staying ahead of the game. I’m very confident that retailers will be very pleased with the latest modules to be added.”